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The COVID-19 pandemic has been a stress-test. Its unprecedented socio-economic impacts exposed the vulnerability and frailties of human civilisation. It has signaled to both people and businesses that if unprepared, social, economic and environmental risks can lead us to devastation. Indifference and inaction today to mitigate such risks will compromise our future. 


It is high time. We need to Align, Act and Accelerate our plans to future-proof our people, our businesses, and our ecosystems. It is time to lay a stronger foundation today to build a sustainable tomorrow.


The Cooler Earth is our mission to convene global citizens, experts and key stakeholders to deliberate on what you can do today as an individual and as a business to shape a more sustainable tomorrow. 



Being Responsible Today to Shape a Better Tomorrow 


The Cooler Earth 2021 took place from 23 - 27 September 2021 with an urgent call-to-action on sustainable development, and discuss how our actions today will directly impact the well-being of the current and future generations.


The Summit continues to put its focus on the ASEAN region, and through virtual engagements, encourages participation of leading industry practitioners, global experts, leaders, financiers, investors, policy-makers, and every individual who wishes to influence the present and shape our future. 


We also recognise the growing significance of youth involvement in realising the sustainability agenda. Hence, in  2021 we dedicated a full day for the youth, curated fully by the young talents from CIMB Group's The Complete Banker Programme, as a platform that would encourage and enable youth engagement for global action. 

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