Vanessa Raju


Sustainability & Climate Change

PwC Malaysia


Vanesa leads the ESG Capability Building initiative within PwC Malaysia. Vanessa is GRI Certified Sustainability Professional: Leads PwC’s GRI Standards Certified Training Courses - conducted the training sessions for over 50 individuals.


Vanessa has developed the PwC’s Sustainability Learning Series and delivered board/ management trainings on ESG and led the development of PwC’s sustainability data management framework - a consolidated view of sustainability standards/ guidelines which exist globally.


Vanessa has worked with clients across South East Asia in government bodies, IT healthcare industry, digital corporation, hospitality and leisure industry, automotive, FMCG as well as financial institutions and she is well versed in sustainability reporting frameworks and application, with focus on applying the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standard


Vanessa will be conducting a masterclass on 24th September (9.00am - 10.15am GMT+8) | Sustainability Readiness 101 



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