Philippe Joubert

Founder and CEO
Earth on Board


Philippe is Founder and CEO of Earth on Board, an ecosystem of sustainability actors from CISL, WBCSD, CDP, We Mean Business and Client Earth dedicated to informing and helping Boards to put sustainability at the centre of the company’s strategy, achieving an Earth Competent Board. Philippe is Chairman and advisor for multiple boards himself, as well as advising several CEOs of leading global companies in the area of Sustainability and International Development. Philippe is a regular keynote speaker and his opinions are regularly covered in mainstream, business and industry media including the Economist and CNBC.



Philippe will be speaking on 23rd September (2.00pm - 3.00pm, GMT+8) | How are Boards Accelerating their Sustainability Readiness?


"The world is heading into a major crisis, triggered by the abuse of Natural Capital that is reaching an alarming level. Business is a fundamental part of the solution to avoid the existential consequences for the human race, however, to be successful Business must change the way it measures performance. Directed by the right legal system and pushed forward by a change of consumer mindset, business must now truly respect both Natural and Human Capital. Given its power to both accelerate and scale the new model, the financial world is an essential part of this transformation, but there must be an honest redirection of the flow of capital toward activities that respects both the SDG requirement and the Paris Agreement commitment."

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