Ms. Sudy Yeo

CEC Co-Organiser for Petaling Jaya


Sudy has been an environment activist since year 2007. She was exposed to the massive problem about waste while working as a researcher with a German waste management consultancy company that collaborates with Malaysian Ministry of Local Housing on managing local municipal solid waste. Later she gained her experience in managing food waste with a social enterprise that adopted circular economy model where she helped local company especially chain restaurant and central kitchen on managing their food waste sustainably and feasibly. 


Apart from being active in conducting workshop on environmental classes, waste reduction, composting, and Ecobricks; she is the co-organizer for the Circular Economy Club Malaysia Petaling Jaya chapter. She also serves as Board of Directors in Circular Asia Association and manages a Facebook group called Love Sam Pah that promotes different view on waste. 



Sudy will be speaking at: 28th October (2.00 - 3.00pm) | Applying the Circular Economy Model in Food and Beverage Service Industry



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