Dr. Sandra Piesik


3 ideas B.V.


Dr Sandra Piesik is an award-winning architect, author and researcher specialising in the implementation of global sustainable legislation, nature-based solutions and traditional knowledge adaptation. She is the founder of 3 ideas B.V. Amsterdam based consultancy, a Visiting Professor at the UCL Global Institute for Prosperity, former Policy Support Consultant on Rural – Urban Dynamics to UNCCD and initiator of several RD&D groups and consortia including HABITAT Coalition.  


Dr Piesik is a stakeholder and network member of several organisations including UNFCCC: The Resilience Frontiers, the Nairobi Work Programme (NWP), the Paris Committee on Capacity Building (PCCB) and Climate and Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) and UN-HABITAT Urban – Rural Linkages. 



Dr. Piesik will be speaking at: 8th October (10.00 - 11.15am) | Mission Impossible? Taking Action on Climate Change


"The world as we knew it before COVID-19 will never return. As countries and societies across the world try to adapt to new realities, the case for multilateralism and international collaboration remains stronger than ever. This needs to happen within already agreed frameworks in order to address multiple issues from poverty alleviation, biodiversity loss and ecosystems restoration, sustainable consumption and production to climate change. The Paris Agreement offers holistic developmental approaches that need to be delivered for macro, micro and individual ‘reset’ in our post COVID-19 future."

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