Ms. Kylie Macfarlane

Founder and Managing Director
Novis Aurora Consulting


Kylie Macfarlane is a global consultant dedicated to optimising public and private sector responses to non-financial risk with a focus on governance, innovation and value creation. Kylie has been at the forefront of Environment, Social, Governance (ESG) frameworks in Australia through the setting of new standards in organisational reporting conventions on climate, and developing multi-stakeholder approaches to social impact investment that are focused on producing shared outcomes and embedding social license. Kylie has a Bachelor of Business from University of Technology, Sydney and is an alumna of the Institute of Sustainable Leadership at Cambridge University. 



Kylie will be speaking at: 15th October (4.00 - 5.35pm) | ESG Financing for Business



"I see the opportunity for the private sector to overcome the strong headwinds of regulatory, economic, environmental and social uncertainty through a focus on culture in shaping accountability and performance and evolving approaches across strategy, risk and execution. This is with particular regards to non-financial drivers like climate, indigenous affairs, modern slavery and pandemic recovery. Globally the opportunity to drive new sources of value, innovation and positive impact have never been greater. The financial services industry is an important enabler of this change."

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