Ms. Karina Litvack


World Economic Forum, Climate Governance Initiative

Karina serves on the Board of Italian Oil & Gas major Eni S.p.A., where she chairs the Sustainability & Scenarios Committee, and serves on the Remuneration Committee, the CFA Institute, and Business for Social Responsibility (BSR). She is also Executive Board Director of Chapter Zero, and serves on the Senior Advisory Panel of Critical Resource and the Advisory Council of Transparency International UK. Previously, Karina had a 25-year career in Finance, latterly running the Governance and Sustainable Investment activities of UK asset manager F&C Investments.


Since 2015, Karina has been working to build a global network for fellow non-executive directors to share experiences, engage with technical experts and stakeholders, access specialised training, and help to drive more effective climate transition strategies in the boardroom. Under the auspices of the World Economic Forum, she co-founded the Climate Governance Initiative (CGI), home of the CGI Principles for Non-Executive Directors. 



Karina will be speaking at: 22nd September (4.00 - 6.40pm) | Regulation and Board Intervention


"It wasn’t until I joined my first board that I realised the scale of the challenge facing directors when it comes to tackling Climate Change in the boardroom: we need to approach this with the same depth, rigour and professionalism as we do all other aspects of board activity, and yet despite the urgency, there is no ready how-to manual that NEDs can turn to. Enter Chapter Zero: thanks to superb support from experts across the business and scientific community, and the determination of our growing membership, we are plugging this gap."

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