Ms. Elaine Sim


Pinkcollar Employment Agency 


Elaine co-founded Pinkcollar Employment Agency, a professional recruitment agency for domestic workers with ethical hiring and sourcing practices. Prior to joining Pinkcollar, Elaine volunteered as a legal intern at the Fair Employment Agency in Hong Kong, where her interest in ethical recruitment took roots. She read law in the chambers of Sreenevasan Young and was called to the Bar in 2018. She is also an alumnae of the Perdana Fellowship and served under the then Law Minister, Dato Seri YB Nancy Shukri.



Elaine will be speaking at: 10th September (5.00 - 6.30pm) | Sustainability Careers | Building a Sustainable World


"Pinkcollar champions ethical recruitment for sustainable employment. Our sustainability deliverable focuses on the employment relationship between employers and domestic workers. We achieve high quality placements through responsible matching, job transparency and effective post-placement care. We believe that employers deserve a professional and transparent service they can trust, and workers deserve safe and dignified jobs where their rights are observed. Our work is a day-to-day celebration of the value of domestic work and its indispensability to Malaysian households".

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