Mr. Hamdan Abdul Majeed

Managing Director
Think City


Hamdan Abdul Majeed is the Managing Director of Think City , a social purpose organisation with the mission of making cities more people-friendly, resilient and liveable.  Hamdan has actively been involved in shaping urban policy and plans in Malaysia including more recently, Penang 2030, a state government initiative with the vision of a family-oriented, green and smart Penang. Prior to assuming his role as Managing Director of Think City, he was a former Director of Investment at Khazanah where he led their regional office in the north of Malaysia, identifying strategic investment opportunities to catalyse growth and development in that region.


He was formerly an investment banker where he was involved extensively in capital markets advisory, specialising in structured finance, project finance and research. He holds a degree inEconomics and Management from the University of London. In 2014, he was recognised at the World Cities Summit as a young leader on urban development and city transformation and in 2012, was awarded the Eisenhower Fellowship as a young leader for his work in urban development and leadership in cities. Hamdan is co-author of the book, ‘Cities, People & The Economy - A Study on Positioning Penang’, (Khazanah Nasional berhad & The World Bank, 2010) with Homi Karas and Albert Zeufack.



Hamdan will be speaking at: 13th October (10.00 - 11.00am) | Urban Financing



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