Mr. Ganesh Muren

Saora Industries


Ganesh Muren founded Saora Industries inspired by the dire need for safe drinking water and basic electricity for the masses in rural and marginalised communities. Prioritising affordable and green technology without compromising the environment and at the same time maximising the positive impact to its beneficiaries, Ganesh aims to prove that business, technology and community development can work hand-in-hand. Ganesh has been featured in numerous well-known online and print media for his passion for innovation and people. These two elements make him tick and are also his driving force to work hard and never give up.



Ganesh will be speaking at: 8th September (4.00 - 6.40pm) | Profits with a Purpose



"Sustainability is not new to us. Our ancestors have practiced it before us in agriculture and building civilizations. It is the basics of building a community. Bringing sustainability into the forefront of business is not ‘being responsible’, it is ensuring the survival of the human race and its sustenance on earth. Employing practices and making decisions that promote sustainability on every level, must be mandated. Every member of a community is involved in helping each other practice sustainability. It’s not only the consumers, or the rural communities living on their ancestral land. This involves governments, corporations, our education system, everything."

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