Mr. Adrian Suharto

Director of Health, Safety, Environment and Supply Chain Sustainability
Telenor Asia


Adrian Suharto has more than 14 years of experience in sustainability in various commodities, with a long stint in palm oil sustainability. In his current role, he is the Director for HSE and Supply Chain Sustainability compliance at Telenor, a telecommunications company. Previously Adrian spent 10.5 years in Neste responsible for public affairs, sustainability partnership projects, and ensuring sustainability compliance for Neste products to key markets. Adrian represented Neste in the Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil, chaired the Technical Committee of International Sustainability and Carbon Certification, was the board member for the World Bioenergy Association and currently active in forums such as the Tropical Forest Alliance. Adrian is an avid traveller and adventure seeker. Adrian graduated from the Institute of Technology, Bandung and the University of New South Wales, Sydney.



Adrian will be speaking at: 8th October (5.00 - 6.30pm) | Sustainability Careers | Operationalising Sustainability


"The world is changing; and if we do not do anything, it would change for the worst. It seems the majority of the population is waiting for some glaring sign to finally take action. For the rest of the ‘converted’, we have no option but to take lead. Companies have to be active finding solutions, and not only because someone/ organization asked them to. Solutions would have to make business sense; and the public will then have to make sustainable choices in their consumption patterns and make their voices heard. Government should be able to make difficult choices now, for other generations to thrive in the future. It’s not a responsibility of just one, it’s the common responsibility for all to save the only earth we have."

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