Hajar Fazillah

Youth Representative
Sunway College


Hajar Fazillah is a college student who was raised in Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor by a strict Asian family who strongly believes that adequate education is the only key enabler to achieving a comfortable life, especially coming from the Bottom 40% (B40) Malaysian household income community.  


Through her discovery of Project ID - a collaboration work with Teach For Malaysia (TFM); Hajar had the opportunity to participate in competitive archery, being one of the athletes for the Selangor Archery Team to represent the state at national level tournaments including Majlis Sukan-Sukan Malaysia (MSSM) and Sukan Malaysia (SUKMA) since she was 13 years old.


Prior to that, Hajar's peers used to describe her as slightly introverted with low confidence,  though always curious about all aspects of life. Through Project ID, which has been designed to empower students from small communities like herself, she was inspired and given the necesary support to break out of the B40 community stereotype enabling an in-depth growth and betterment in her self-development. This led to her realising her career and life aspirations, citing her involvement in the sports world being a critical driver which improved her confidence significantly. 


Hajar is now an IT Diploma graduate from Sunway College under the Sunway-Teach For Malaysia Scholarship 2019. She is active in her committee position as Sunway Student Ambassador, a student-run representative body that promotes the ideals of academic excellence and leadership in Sunway. Hajar is also a content manager under the Marketing & Communication team of Impian Kencana, an independent non-profit initiative advocating to teach relevant life skills to B40 students and raising awareness.



Hajar will be speaking on 27th September (4.15pm - 5.30pm, GMT+8) | The Voices of Today: The Education Dilemma



"I’m passionate about emphasizing the interconnectedness of people from different personalities and backgrounds in my involvement in student leadership bodies or initiatives as well as extremely value the joy of giving and receiving towards the underserved community as I come from one as well. I believe that students like me are prone to a better direction of future when supported with relevant opportunities and resources under the guidance of people with knowledge in various aspects of life."

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