Chitra Devi Gopalakrishnan

Footprint Manager

WWF-Malaysia Marine Programme 


Chitra has almost 20 years’ of experience in environmental conservation, covering community and business mobilization, land use planning, fisheries management, government engagement alongside policy development.


Chitra spent the bulk of these years working with both fishing communities and various marine and coastal governing agencies to establish good fisheries management in Malaysia. Chitra currently facilitates the implementation of a food system approach to sustainable fisheries and responsible aquaculture activities spanning both site and national levels, alongside coordinating business and consumer engagements across shark fin, seafood and food waste issues.


Chitra is a disruptor-innovator, perpetually on the prowl for new ways to address old challenges. She has an interest in behavioural science that can be applied to changing behaviour of producers, businesses and consumers towards sustainability. In her work, Chitra spends a lot of her time managing relationships across public and private sectors, and have had to use many tools like influencing, conflict management, and negotiation to achieve conservation goals. 


Chitra will be judging the debate on 27th September (11.30am - 12.00pm, GMT+8) | Meat-ing in the Middle  



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