Sea Monkey

The Sea Monkey is a social enterprise that aims to create ocean plastic solution and education. We create small mobile plastic recycing machines and market sustainable products that are upcycled from differet types of plastic waste. We also create educational material and workshops to create awareness on the plastic issue.The project contributes to the following 3 key social purposes :                                                                                                                                                     

1) All our sustainable products are handcrafted by underpriviledged small local communities in which 20% of our profit goes back to these communities. This in turn help them improve their quality of life. The main community that we are currently working with is Orang Asli Mothers in Kampung Tekir in Seremban through the collaboration with MOAMI (Make Orang Asli others Independent)                                                   


2) 6% of profits goes to collecting plastic waste from the source before it ends up in landfills or beaches. We provide higher reward compared to market price for clean plastics given to our project to better encourage the public to recycle plastic.                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

3) Educational camps and workshops to local public schools to educate children about sustainable lifestyle and the plastic problem.                                                                                                                         

Please help us keep plastic away from the ocean and provide better incentive to local communities to recycle plastic by buying our ethical products or by making a donation. Make a donation via Duitnow by following steps below:


1) Log in to your respective online banking application                                      

2) Click Duitnow Transfer                                                                                               

3) Choose Business Registration Number and input Sea Monkey Project Duitnow ID : 1366631A

4) Input the amount you wish to donate                                                                     

OR Buy our latest upcycled bag by clicking the kickstarter link below:           


For more information, please visit 


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