In March 2019, the Ellen MacArthur Foundation launched the Circular Economy Cities Project Guide. It was reported that by 2050, two thirds of us will live in cities. However, our urban centres are grappling with the effects of our current take-make-use-waste economy. Under this ‘linear system’, cities consume over 75% of natural resources, produce over 50% of global waste, and emit between 60-80% of greenhouse gases. A circular economy provides opportunities for us to rethink how we make and use the things we need, and allows us to explore new ways of ensuring long-term prosperity.



This year the Circular Economy Club (CEC) Malaysia chapters in Kuala Lumpur, Petaling Jaya, Penang, Penampang and Johor Bahru are very proud to be collaborating with CEC Leaders in Bangkok ,Thailand, Pacitan , Indonesia, Manila ,Philippines, Singapore and London, UK this year to bring the international CEC

to our cities. CEC global is the largest international network of circular economy professionals and organizations present in 130 countries. At CEC, we envision a new era where all cities worldwide function through a circular model, setting the end of an age of waste. The circular economy is an alternative economic model to the linear economy in which we live in, where we take resources, produce, consume, and waste. The circular economy model posits that all materials are to go back into the production cycle (by being recovered through circular strategies including sharing, reutilisation and recycling) to avoid environmental damage.


This fall, the Circular Economy Clubs (CEC) in ASEAN cities and London are celebrating the "Circular Cities Week" from Oct. 27 to Oct. 31 2020. The goal: to urge, with a united voice, for the design and implementation of circular economy strategies with our colleagues in 100 cities worldwide. This effort

coincides with the United Nations World Cities Day on Oct. 31. The “Circular Cities Week” is an annual, decentralised global event.

What can you expect from us this year?


CEC Malaysian chapters will share with you all on how we are collaborating this year with a EU funded project called IUC Asia programme where cities and regions across Europe are exploring partnerships with Malaysian cities. This city-to-city pairing focusing on Circular Economy in Cities, looks at how city governments can work to enable a circular economy transition, drive the circular economy agenda forward to unlock economic, environmental, and social benefits as well as support city leaders as they deliver against their priorities, which include housing, mobility, and economic development.



The CEC ASEAN & London leaders also hope to share our experiences and insights in how we have been implementing circular cities initiatives in ASEAN countries and in the UK . We will address how a circular city embeds the principles of a circular economy across all its functions, establishing an urban system that is regenerative, accessible and abundant by design. It is important to understand how creating circular cities help to eliminate the concept of waste, keep assets at their highest value at all times, and are enabled by digital technology. We hope you will find our case studies practical, useful and

replicable. The CECs works hard and collaboratively to ensure that we can grow circular cities together with our key stakeholders to “generate prosperity, increase livability, and improve resilience for the city and its citizens while aiming to decouple the creation of value from the consumption of finite

resources”(Ellen MacArthur Foundation).


We would like to thank the CIMB Cooler Earth team, our strategic partner Think City for collaborating with us this year and to include our programme into their Regional Virtual Conference by dedicating one week to celebrate the Circular Economy Club's Circular Cities Week 2020. This virtual conference is an enviable platform for us to include and engage with key stakeholders from city governments, private and nonprofit sectors, academia, civil society organisations and members of the public in the region. We look forward to meeting with you all online very soon!


Jacqueline Chang will be speaking on “A City's Answer to Reduce Waste” at The Cooler Earth summit on 27 October 2020.