Mr. Michael Stanley

Global Leader - Support to Coal Transition


The World Bank Group


Mr. Michael Stanley is Lead – Extractives for the World Bank Group, in Singapore.  Michael provides strong leadership on the policies and practices that guide the World Bank’s lending operations in extractives worldwide on key sector development of issues. 


Mr. Michael has worked in resource development for more than thirty-five years within the commercial and public sectors across Latin America, Europe & Central Asia, Africa, South Asia, and East Asia / Pacific regions.  Responding to the challenges of climate change, Mr. Michael is leading the World Bank’s global initiative “Support to Energy Transition in Coal Regions”, assisting a diverse group of stakeholders to establish the good-governance frameworks necessary to manage social impacts to workers and communities, while ensuring environmental remediation for repurposing of land and assets.  He manages this initiative from the World Bank’s Singapore Hub office given a strong focus on South and East Asia.


Mr. Michael has degrees in Geoscience (BSc. Western University), Geoscience (MSc. McGill University), and Mineral Resource Economics / Mining (Ph.D. University of Arizona).  Additionally, Mr. Michael is co-editor of the Extractive Industries Source Book, both the online, open-source platform and first-edition print version (2018).


"As part of its Climate Change Action Plan, 2021-25, the World Bank Group is committed to helping countries access sustainable, affordable, reliable energy for all (SDG7); and accelerate the energy transition while protecting workers, communities, and the environment. This is key to achieving the objectives of the Paris Agreement and avoiding the worst effects of climate change.  Achieving global climate goals will include transitioning away from coal.


A Just Transition puts people and the environment at the center of the transition away from coal – where coal mines and/or thermal power units and other associated enterprises close. It protects people and ensures that the communities most impacted by the transition help create the plans, policies, and reforms that will strengthen institutions and mobilize investments to environmentally remediate the land, support impacted people in their post-transition jobs and lives, and build a new economic future.

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