Ms. Ivy Wong Abdullah

Head, Environment Impact Area & Social Enterprise 

Yayasan Hasanah


Ms. Ivy Wong Abdullah is currently the Head, Environment Impact Area and Programme Manager of the Social Entrepreneurial (SE) Fund Development at Yayasan Hasanah. She currently leads the work towards environmental sustainability in the state of Perak and also responsible plastic waste management across Malaysia. Ivy is currently serving as a member of the National Biodiversity Roundtable with the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources (KETSA) on the National Policy of Biological Diversity 2021-2030.


Ivy is a member of the 202 AVPN Impact Investing Fellows, 2016 Asia Fellow of the Low Emissions Development Strategy (LEDS) Global Partnership Program, 2016 Alumni of the Harvard Kennedy School (HKS) program on Climate and Energy, and the 2014 Global Green Economy Academy 2014, the framework of Partnership for Action on Green Economy (PAGE), offering a unique global knowledge-sharing to help actively promote green economies that is socially inclusive.

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