Mr. Eric Roeder

Technical Specialist on Green Jobs, Climate Action and Resilience through Just Transition

Asia Pacific Region, ILO


For the past twenty years, Mr. Eric Roeder have been of service to the United Nations including addressing dust and sand storm mitigation with UNCCD, advancing energy efficiency and cleaner production in industry with the co-benefit of reduced greenhouse gas emissions with UNEP, sustainable and smart agricultural development with UNESCAP in Beijing, resilient rural infrastructure in Sekong Province of Lao PDR with the ILO, and working with the private sector to advance inclusive and sustainable development including the development and delivery of projects without initial funding to advance the private sector's role in disaster and climate risks. For example, he initiated and delivered an ongoing programme titled Maritime Sector Strategies to Augment Tsunami Monitoring where companies have pledged their infrastructure to host monitoring equipment for tsunami. It is envisioned that these strategies extend their reach throughout South-East Asia and the Pacific. 


Eric has also served as the UNESCAP Network Coordinator on Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure, working to advance PPP as a sustainable development mechanism in line with the SDGs and the Paris Agreement. This work enhanced knowledge to better the bankability of projects in this area and to access private financing. Eric has now joined the ILO as a Technical Specialist  on Green Jobs, Climate Action and Resilience through Just Transition - Asia Pacific Region.

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