Sustainability Career Talks

Organised by CIMB

Interested in a career in sustainability? Learn from experienced sustainability practitioners from varying backgrounds on how they have built knowledge on environmental and social issues, applied this knowledge in their respective areas, and transitioned from different working backgrounds into a focus on sustainability.

Sustainability practicioners apply skills, knowledge and experience from different subjects including environmental and social sciences, economics and finance, engineering, law, mathematics, and others. Learn from presenters on how they are united by the common goal of making the world better for all.

Career Talk 1: Building a Sustainable World

Business for Good | A Social Entrepreneur's Perspective


Collective Global Effort | An International NGO Perspective


Planning For A Better Future | An Architect's Perspective

Thursday 10 Sep 5.00 – 6.30pm (GMT+8) | Online Talk: Sustainability Careers | Building a Sustainable World



10th September 2020


Careers for Future Change Agents and Transformative Leaders: Gabriel Chong from CIMB moderated this session with social entrepreneurs and young professionals where Yuki Yasui from UNEP-FI, Elaine Sim from Pink Collar, Chanin Srisuma from Refill Station, Bernadette Victorio from Oxfam and Ar. Michael Ching from CH&I Architecture shared their motivations that led to a career in sustainability and sustainable development. The dynamic group exchanged experiences and inspiring stories – from the Asian mind-sets that see value only in traditional career options to breaking the convention and making it big in unexplored or less preferred jobs of the future.  The panel concluded that a successful career is defined by the impact one creates in the world around you, and how happy you are in contributing to a better future, a sustainable planet. Sustainability can be both rewarding and fulfilling as a career option on both personal and professional levels. Start small, gain general experience, specialise, find your passion for the right cause, make it your job and contribute!



Career Talk 2: Managing Change for Sustainability

Sustainability Governance | Government Officer's Perspectives


Educating Sustainability Champions | An Academic's Perspective


Impact Assessment for Sustainability | An EIA Consultant's Perspective


Supporting Corporates to be Sustainable | A Sustainability Consultant's Perspective


Sustainability Assurance | An Auditor's Perspective

Thursday 24 Sep 5.00 – 6.30pm (GMT+8) | Online Talk: Sustainability Careers | Managing Change for Sustainability



24th September 2020


Taking a Professional Leap Towards Sustainability: Hussam Sultan, Regional Head, Commercial Banking, CIMB Islamic Bank Bhd moderates this second session in the series on Sustainability careers. Sustainability practitioners from academia, corporate consulting and auditing share their perspectives on becoming a transformative professional. The passionate group of speakers - Dr. Mohan V Avvari, Associate Professor and Director of Research, Nottingham University Business School (NUBS); Prof S. Viswanathan, Professor and Director, Centre for Business Sustainability, Nanyang Business School, Nanyang Technological University; Megan Lawson, Country Partner, ERM; Sahat Aritonang, Deputy Director, Daemeter Consulting; and Haafiz Nordin, Manager, Sustainability and Climate Change, PwC Malaysia – share key drivers and trends in the sustainability market. With their vast experience, the panel provides practical tips for those interested in a career change - from acquiring knowledge through the public domain to leveraging on existing strengths and skills. Anyone can become a sustainability professional, even in absence of relevant qualifications – all they need is passion, commitment and a personal drive.



Career Talk 3: Operationalising Sustainability

Sustainable Financing | Perspectives from a Bank


Sustainable Consumer Goods| Perspectives from a Global Trader


Sustainable Energy | Insights from the Oil & Gas Sector


Sustainable Construction | Developments in line with SDGs


Sustainable Construction | Perspectives from the Telecommunication Sector

Thursday 8 Oct 5.00 – 6.30pm (GMT+ 8) | Online Talk: Sustainability Careers | Operationalising Sustainability



8th October 2020



The Meeting of Personal and Professional Values: The TCE Sustainability Careers series continue with an engaging team of professionals from diverse backgrounds practising sustainability in various industries. Oliver Kumaran, AVP, Group Sustainability of CIMB moderates the session to capture insights on how you can create a positive impact through your career options. Octa Bagus Ivanandy from CIMB Niaga in Indonesia, Nasuha Thaha from Cargill and Adrian Suharto from Telenor Group in Singapore, Sarimah Talib from Petronas and Dr. Renard Siew from MRCB in Malaysia, tap into their experiences providing first hand advice and real-life examples from the exciting and exemplary lives of sustainability practitioners. From the type of skills and mindset needed to excel in the field to the challenges and opportunities faced across sectors -  the panel covers a comprehensive view on operationalising sustainability. Faced with the complex challenge of implementing sustainability strategies, panellists describe how combining personal passion with technical expertise is key to a transformative career. 




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