Carbon Offsets

Each of us generates a certain amount of carbon emissions from our lifestyles through work, transportation, consumption of products and services and wastes generated. You can offset your carbon footprint from attending The Cooler Earth Sustainability Summit 2020 and your personal lifestyle through contributions to verified carbon reduction projects. 


In 2019, The Cooler Earth Sustainability Summit was a single-use plastic free, carbon-neutral event resulting in 200 tCO2e or 0.16 tCO2e per delegate. Through contributions from CIMB and voluntary purchases by delegates, we managed to offset 1,007 tCO2e in total, five times our own emissions.


In 2020, we estimate that our total carbon emissions from all Summit related activities is 28.67 tCO2e or 0.010 tCO2e per delegate. We intend to offset five times or 120 tCO2e this year.




We have identified two verified carbon offset providers in Indonesia and Thailand focused on renewable energy and peatland conservation and restoration to contribute our offsets.


We encourage each participant to offset at least 1 tonne of carbon through our verified partners below. Do email us at to share with us your proof of contribution so we can recognise you for your support!


Katingan Mentaya Project, Kalimantan, Indonesia


The Katingan Mentaya Project (KMP) covers 149,800 hectares of carbon rich peatland forest in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia. Through the protection and restoration of this unique ecosystem, KMP pursues three core goals. First, by ensuring the area’s vast stores of carbon remain locked in the biomass and not released into the atmosphere as CO2, the project is making a significant contribution to addressing the global climate emergency. Second, protection of the peat swamp forests safeguards a rich biodiverse habitat, one that is home to many high conservation value species, including the Bornean orangutan and Proboscis monkey, which are both critically endangered.Third, through a variety of socio-economic activities, KMP is working to significantly improve the well-being and the sustainable economic prospects of 43,000 people, living in 34 village communities along the edges of the forest site. 


Permian Global, the project proponent, is a mission-led business that is working for the protection and recovery of tropical forests. By developing large-scale tropical forest protection and restoration projects, our company aims to reduce atmospheric carbon dioxide levels, protect habitats to safeguard biodiversity and support sustainable local economies and wellbeing. These goals are based on our firm belief that forest environments, biodiversity and rural communities are deeply intertwined and that to improve one requires improving all three.  


Purchase offsets from this project at USD6.60 per tonne here.


Siam Solar Energy, Central Thailand

Thailand is one of the largest energy consumers in Southeast Asia and the region’s second largest oil importer, with fossil fuels currently meeting around 80% of total energy demand. The Thai Government is looking to tackle national dependence on fossil fuels and help pioneer Southeast Asia’s renewable energy sector. With solar poised to play a crucial role in Thailand’s clean energy transition, the Siam Solar project helping turn ambition into action. The project uses solar PV systems, a cutting-edge, environmentally-sound technology and groups 10 solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants across central Thailand to deliver clean energy to the national grid.


Learn more about this project and purchase offsets at EUR17 per tonne here




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