Lang Tengah Turtle Watch

Lang Tengah Turtle Watch (LTTW) was founded as a conservation organisation in 2013, with the aim to help save endangered sea turtles from extinction. From the initial project site on Lang Tengah island in Terengganu, the project expanded to Tanjong Jara Resort in 2016 and to date has saved over 60,000 sea turtle eggs from being sold to the market for consumption across both sites.

Outreach work also forms an essential part of the conservation work being done. The LEAP Together programme run in collaboration with CIMB Foundation in 2015/2016, engaged over 250 local school children with nature and conservation. Realising the impact these outreach programmes can have, in 2018 LTTW ran a similar outreach programme on a larger scale - focusing on marine pollution - with the British High Commission, where over 5,500 local school students were involved in the project.

LTTW also seeks to support and foster ethical business initiatives and is working to try and encourage greater sustainability and environmental responsibility within the tourism sector in Terengganu. Through this, LTTW endeavours to realise the vision that both businesses and wildlife can not only benefit one another, but can prosper together long into the future.

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